12V Gas Detector Sensor Alarm Propane Butane LPG Natural Motorhome Camper Marine

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Compact, versatile, easy to install, easy to deploy, flammable gas detector with 85db alarm.
Detects propane, butane, LPG, natural, town, coal, common flammable gasses.
12V model with non-polarised (reversible) power terminals for easy wiring.
Suitable for leisure craft, vehicles and similar 12V scenarios, eg. campervan / motorhome / RV / yacht / boat / general marine.
Two status LEDs indicating power, alarm and fault conditions.
Easily-accessible 'alarm test' button.
Built-in switch-output terminal pair for integration into external alarm system.
Easy to 'real-world' test: power the device, allow it to stabilise (180 seconds), bring safe gas source into proximity e.g. unlit gas lighter (caution advised).
Accords with safety standard GB15322.2-2003.

Color: White
Material: Metal + Plastic
Size: about 11.5cm/4.52" x 7.2cm/2.83" x 4.1cm/1.61"
[Conversion: 1cm=0.3937 inch, 1inch=2.54 cm]
Operating Voltage : 12V DC
Standby Current : ≤90mA
Alarm Current : ≤100mA
Warm-up (stabilisation) Time: 180s
Power Indicator : Green LED
Alarm Gas Level : 10 土 5 (% LEL), 0.5 士 0.25 (VOL %)
Alarm Indicator: red LED, flashing
Alarm Sound Level : ≥ 85dB/m
Failure Indicator: yellow LED on, continuous tone
Operating Temperature: -10C ~ +50C
Environment Humidity : ≤ 95 % RH
Installation: wall-mounted
Type: network
Package Included:
1 x Gas Detector
1 x Manual
1 x screw
1 x rawlplug

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